3x CC - 5x CACIB - 1 x BISS 1 x BIG 3 - 1x BIG 4 - 7x BOB - 1x BOS

DPK Junior Winner 2008

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26.03.2011 - Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Excellent, BOB, BISS - Excellent type, lovely balance, good head with wonderful expression, needs a better profile, ex neck carriage, a bit short upper arm, very good back+body and rear end, especially good tail set, Very good coat, color should be better, Elegant mover from the side. 

27.02.2011 - Judge: Birgit Seloy

Excellent, BOB, CACIB - Very well built dog nice head + expression dark eyes correct bite good for-chest + body + tail-set nice coat well moving well presented nice coat + color

20.11.2010 - Judge: Rodi Hübenthal

Excellent, BOB, CACIB -Very nice type. Correct proportions. Masculine head. Very nice neck. Shot+straight back. Well developed chest. Little straight front. Enough angulated in rear. Moves well, nice coat.

28.08.2010 - Judge: Juha Putkonen

Excellent, BOB, CAC, CACIB, BIG3 - 3 1/2 years. Excellent type and size. Good proportions. Beautiful long head. Well chiseled muzzle. Beautiful dark eyes. Bite should be better. Needs more under-jaw. Excellent body and fore-chest. Excellent coat. Color should be cleaner. Moderately angulated. Moves nicely but a bit short step behind, Good feet.

28.02.2010 - Judge: Zlatko Karljic

Excellent, BOB, CAC, CACIB- Good builded   dog.. Strong Good shaped head. Correct ears. Very Good Top line + Good Angl. Very Good Coat. Good Moving. Excellent

28.06.2009 - Svein Helgesen

Excellent, BOB, CAC - Excellent type + balance. Masc. head.

Could have stronger lower jaw. Little round eyes, not the best expression. Good neck + topline.

Compact body, very good tail, very good ang. VG coat quality Very good movement

28.02.2009 - Judge: Laurent Pichard

Excellent BOB, CAC, CACIB 4BIG - Very stylish, 22 m old ex breed type, beautiful condition, correct head, correct expression, well set ears, correct length of neck, proper shoulders. Typical coat texture, excellent head carriage.


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