We are expecting puppies from Vaka and Polar go to our puppy page for more info..

Our new puppy Óðinn went to his third show today and got BOB puppy and BIS 4 6-9 months old puppies.

09.06.2012 2 girls looking for loving homes 

We have two wonderful girls looking for loving homes.

Green bitch is perfect as a family pet very easy going and loves to cuddle.

Blue bitch is a little Einstein and will do well in obedience, agility or what ever project you want her to do. She may be a bit much for inexperienced people.

24.02.2012 Puppy news 

Yesterday Dima delivered 7 puppies, 2 males and 5 females all apricot except for one male who is white.

More info under puppies

20.11.2011 Show news  

We had a great weekend Vaka, Polar and Valiant (purple puppy poker litter) where entered.

BOB: ISCH Huffish Put The Blame On Me she got her 3 CACIB

BOS: Lapponia's Polar got his first CC and CACIB

And our new little star Winnow Showdown was BOB baby 4-6 months and ended up BIS 4 baby on Saturday.

The pic is of me and Valiant in the breed with judge Stelios Makaritus 


29.08.2011 New Champion !! 

Vaka went to the August show on saturday where she got her 4th champion certificate and second CACIB and ended up best of breed and got the Icelandic Champion title.

Joi did a super job of handeling Vaka in the ring and I am so proud of them both.

This will not be the last time they will be in the ring together, Vaka behaves like a dream with him.

Judge was Carlos Renau from Spain.


22.08.2011 Röskva is looking for a loving home. 

We have one puppy left.

The only girl in the litter we call her Röskva.

She will be 10 weeks old tomorrow.

If you are interested in giving her a home for life please contact me


05.08.2011 2 puppies left

Red girl is looking for a forever home.

Red girl will fit best with a childless couple or one who has older kids. She is not for breeding and will be spayed.

More info


03.08.2011 New Champion 

We are proud to announce that we have our first Winnow Champion !!!

Introducing CANCH Winnow Happy Go Lucky at Arreau who finished his title by going BOS and Best of Winners 

Congratulations to his owners Cherie Perks and Debra Pohl


02.08.2011 Puppy news 

Puppies are 7 weeks old today and doing great.

They had a really busy day first temperament testing and then a shave and a bath :)

All did well in the test and will be ready to go to there new homes next week.

We still have 2 available looking for loving homes.

Here you can see purple and Snædís playing.


21.06.2011 Puppy news 

The puppies are one week old now and doing really well.

We still have 2 males available. 

If you are interested in owning a Winnow Standard Poodle please contact me


14.06.2011 The puppies are here !!

6 healthy and happy puppies just like last time except we have on girl.

Everything went really well.

I think she is done but maybe we could have one more. I will update tomorrow if we have more.


14.06.2011 Almost here 

Dima is on day 60, so we are still waiting.

This video is taken on day 56 and as you can see there is a lot of action in there.

It will be interesting to see how many there are, hopefully we will get some girls this time.

I will update as soon as the pups are born.


26.03.2011 - Charly BISS

We had a show today and Charly ended up BOB and BISS we could not be happier.

Snædís got her last CC and is now a Icelandic Champion and Askur, Charly's son got his second CC.

Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Now we are home resting and deciding what to do next :)


26.03.2011 Snædis is a Champion.

Today Snædís got her last CC from judge Mikael Nilsson

So now she is ISCH Snædís.

Snædís turned 2 in December and this is her second show after her birthday.

We are very happy with this white little fluff ball :)


27.02.2011 Show News 

Great day..


Vaka BOS got her first CACIB and 3 CC

Winnow Third Time Lucky "Askur" was second best male and got his 1 CC

Polar 3 best male with CK

We are very happy with out lucky boys now two are on there way to become champions


06.02.2011 Show News 

Winnow Happy Go Lucky at Arreau "Quincy"

Attended Wildwood Kennel Club Show he was Winners dog on Sunday with 2 points.

He now has 7 points.

Judge: Marilyn O’Neill, Canada.

handler Chrystal Murray.

After this show he was cut into Continental and will be in the ring again soon..

Congratulations Cherie and Debra


28.01.2011 Charly International Champion !!

Its official Charly is now C.I.B ISCH LuxJCh Curonian Spit Backroad Adventure.

Charly has been with us now for little over 2 years. In those two years Charly has only gone too 5 shows. He has always won Best of Breed and he has been placed twice in group 9.

This year we have 7 shows and we plan on bringing Charly to all of them and then retire him form showing.

But if Charly is happy and healthy at 8 years old we will for sure show up in veteran class.


 21.01.2011 Show News 

Winnow Happy Go Lucky at Arreau "Quincy"

Attended Elgin county kennel club show on Friday he was BOB puppy and Best of winners.

He now has 5 points and he only needs 5 more to become a champion

Judge: Ramon Podesta, Chile.

Here he is in the breed ring with Jennifer Carr in the blue suit.

But Quincy is handled by Chrystal Murray.

On Saturday he was reserve winners dog, no points.


29.12.2010 Show News

Winnow Happy Go Lucky at Arreau "Quincy" attended the Elora Gorge dog show in Canada. He was second best male on 28. December and 29.December  he was Best of opposite sex(BOS) got his first major and 2 points. So he is on his way to become Canadian Champion. Judge: William Rodriguez

Congratulations Cherie and Debra.

Quincy's next show will be in mid January 2011.

Here are videos from the shows


20.11.2010 Show News

We had a very good day.

Charly got BOB and his last CACIB.

Vaka was BOS with CC did not get the CACIB since she is still developing.

Polar was BOB puppy with honor price.

Askur got Excellent and Kolur Very Good.

The judge did not say anything bad about them just that they needed more time.

So we are very pleases with the day and our new International Champion.


13.11.2010 - Eye exam

Díma, Charly and Snædís had there eye exam today.

All came out clear for all diseases.

This is Charly's third exam Dima's second and Snædís first.


21.10.2010 - 1 month until next show

The last show of the year is coming up.

We are crossing our fingers for Charly because he only needs one more CACIB to become Intch .

This is also Vaka's first chance to get a CACIB so we are not taking any risks of her not behaving well so my friend will show Charly for me so I can concentrate on Vaka. This is also Polar's first show he will be in puppy class.

Kolur and Askur pups out of Dima and Charly will also be there in junior class

Then I am showing Snædís in open class.

Polar has now been in Iceland for one month, he is doing great. Started his puppy obedience classes and is acting like the true prince that he is.

Cant wait to hear what the judge has to say about him.

Thanks Virpi for this stunning pup.

Here is a pic of Polar the day he got out of quarantine--->


21.10.2010 Puppy news

We plan on mating Dima and Charly again.

The pups should be arriving Spring/Summer 2011

The boys from the last litter have been doing great, two of them where shown in puppy class and both got HP and excellent critiques.

We expect there to be just black puppies from this combination.

Here are some videos of Quincy from the first litter, his owner loves to take videos :)

If you are interested in owning a dog from us, please contact me


09.09.2010 - Toy male looking  for a home!

We have a one year old white toy male staying with us while he is looking for his new home. He has won one BOB - CC and he was best puppy in show 4-6 months old.

His parents are AMCH ISCH Veroette Someone to Bragabout and Zamora's Time For Love.

If you are interested please contact me.


28.08.2010 - Show news

Charly BOB got his third CACIB and ended 3 in group.

Vaka got excellent and very good critique but needs more ring training.

Both pups got honor price. Kolur best puppy and Askur second best male puppy.

Snædís the Bichon got very good.



Polar the white prince is now in quarantine.

He is such a sweet boy, could not be more pleased with him. We had the most amazing time in Finland while picking him up, thanks to his lovely breeder Virpi and her husband. Thanks again for everything.

Polar will be free 23.09.



The pups are 6 months old today and growing up fast.
Quincy met his handler today and was put in to a puppy cut.

His first show is in the mid of September.

Skuggi, Kolur and Askur are going to there first show in end of august.  In puppy class 6-9 months old.

Pic: Quincy at the handlers.



Vaka, Charly and 3 of the puppies are entered in the august show. Snædís the Bichon will also be there.
I am also showing a male Basset Fauve de Bretagne and a female
Rhodesian Ridgeback.



Just got the results back from OFA, Dima is NE Clear. That makes all the pups from Dima and Charly also clear. Good news for us.


Vaka was BOB today at the Icelandic Kennel Club summer show and got her first CAC.
Snædís the Bichon was BOS and got her second CAC.


Polar has his own page now.
He is the newest addition to the Winnow Poodle family. He comes from Lapponia's kennel in Finland.
Thank you Virpi for this beautiful boy.


Just got the test results back from Vaka and Charly's NE test and I am glad to say that they are both clear !!
Snædís the Bichon was also checked for pat.lux  and she is 0/0
We are still waiting for Dima's NE results. They should be here in 4 weeks.

Quincy the last puppy from our Lucky litter will be leaving to join his new owners in Canada on the 12th. Its hard sending your puppy away to another country and now I know how Olga and Lotta must have felt when they sent me there puppies and I can never thank them enough for trusting me with there dogs.

I do my best to make them proud and I hope they don't regret sending me these amazing dogs.

We have exciting news and I will share them with you as soon as possible. But I can tell you it has something to do with expending our poodle family.

Our dear ISCH Curonian Spit Backroad Adventure "Charly" will turn 3 tomorrow he is now becoming a mature gentleman and I hope he has many more years ahead of him.


Just added a new dog to our site, this is Snædís she is a Bichon Frise, she is owned by my sister Stefanía.


Our puppies where in the news tonight, they where covering the mental test the pups went threw.
Here you can see the video.
And here is the homepage of Tofralausnir they did the test.


All our puppies have found loving new homes.

We did order NE DNA test for poodles today, to see if Vaka and Charly are free or carriers.
You want to avoid mating to carriers together so its better to check the dogs before mating.
If you breed to carriers together a large part of the pups will die before 4 weeks of age.

Here you can find more info on NE


The puppies had there mental test today and all came out very good.

Purple and Blue are still available and Yellow is on hold. Green, Red and Black have all found loving homes.

Blue will go well with all homes he may also be good in the country side.

Purple is independent and will need an experienced owner.


I put in new picture of the puppies. they are now 4 weeks old.

I added in pictures of Charly's parents in his pedigree.

I also added a new link to the homepage of Charly's dad Avery he lives with Birgitta at Demonic kennel

And a link to Charly's breeder Olga and Jan at Curonian Spit kennel


Vaka and Charly went to the first dog show in Iceland this weekend and dig great.

Charly got BOB, CC and CACIB. He is a new Icelandic Champion.

Vaka went all the way and ended BIS 2 Puppy 6-9 months



Vaka is home after 4 long weeks in quarantine. We are so happy to get her home finally.

She did very well in the quarantine she was happy and healthy when we picked her up today.


Vaka has landed in Iceland, now we just have to wait 30 long days until we can bring her home.

Joi went out to pick her up and he loved here.  She has the best temperament.


Díma has come into heat and will be mated to Charly, If all goes well we will have puppies in the beginning of February


Our newest family member Vaka gets her own page under "our dogs" Check her out. She will come to Iceland in the end of December.


we just got our kennel name accepted from FCI and the name is Winnow!

Winnow means to separate desirable and undesirable elements.


Charly finished his obedience class and got 9.5.


Dima and Charly went to the HRFI summer show on sunday, Dima got excellent and Charly went BOB, now Charly needs just one more CAC to become ISCH. I am very pleased with Dima she did very good in the show ring and has improved much since last october.

Now we just keep on training and grooming for the next show in August.


Díma got her Hip score results today and we are proud to announce that Díma is HD free A on both hips.

So both of our dogs are HD: A(free)


Charly is two years old today, so he is going to get a lot of hugs and kisses today. And of course something extra special for dinner.


Díma and Charly had  their eye exam today both are clear of all diseases. Dima's hips will be x-rayed on tuesday and the results will hopefully be here in June/July.


Díma and Charly are starting there obedience classes next week, Díma is taking Obedience I and Charly is starting at the basics.


I have been woted the new contact for Poodles in Iceland (all sizes) so if you need info on Poodles or Puppies please call me at +3548664747


the show in Garðheimar went really well, Charly was big hit with everyone and he was kind enough to stay put for 5 hours both days.

I have also added new link on the site to YouTube videos of Dima and Charly it is under links and our dogs.


Next weekend we will be in Garðheimar between 12 -17 promoting our breed..


I have ordered eye tests for Díma and Charly in the beginning of May, if Dima is clear i will test her hips. 


Charly went to his first show here in Iceland and did excellent he got BOB, CAC, CACIB. and then ended 4th in group 9. I am really happy with his success.. Now we just wait for the next show in June. Díma will be ready for show in August, we will show her in puppy clip.

This is Charly´s review:

Very stylish, 22 m old ex breed type, beautiful condition, correct head, correct expression, well set ears, correct length of neck, proper shoulders. Typical coat texture, excellent head carriage.


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