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26.03.2011 - Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Very Good - Very good type. Good Balance. Attractive expression, Needs better pigmentation, Just enough angulation in both ends, Would prefer a more elegant overall picture flat feet, excellent tail set good coat, nice on the move, excellent temperament 

22.08.2009 - Judge: Åke Cronander

Very good – Very good type. Needs better head and more under jaw.

A bit short neck. Needs more angulation in front, and rear.

Sufficient body. Could have better color. Moves quite well. Very good.

23.08.2009 - Judge: Kari Järvinen

Very good – Bit smaller bitch Correct proportion. Nice head, good eyes.

Needs more neck.  Good tail enough angulated.  Moving well.

Good coat quality. Needs deeper apricot color.

28.06.2009 - Judge: Svein Helgesen

Excellent -  Excellent type. Good head, little bit round in the eyes. Loose expression.

could have more neck+laid back shoulder. Compact body. Today a little tiny.

Good tail, good coat quality. normal ang. back. Very good movement.

28.09.2008 - Judge: Annaliisa Heikkinen

Very Good - Lovely type, good head, a little pale nose pigment, good neck, slightly straight in shoulders, good body prop, well ang. rear, moves well, good coat, lovely temp.

29.06.2008 - Judge: Rafael de Santiago

Puppy class - Lovely head, Correct bite, To straight in shoulders, to high in the withers. Would like more angel in hind. To close when moving in rear.


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