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03.06.2012- Judge: Cathy Delmar

Excellent BOB CC

19.11.2011 - Judge: Stelios Makaritus

Excellent, BOS, CC, CACIB - Nice type all over, nice head prop. expression + pigment, good eyes, ears, very nice neck, well ang in front with nice feet +  bones. Beautiful thorax + ribs. Needs to fill up a bit. I prefer a slightly shorter loin, nice quarters, Exc coat quality, moves nicely.

26.03.2011 - Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Good - Good type, tall with long lines, ok head but too much back skull, nice eyes, good neck + level back, short upper arm, Very long in loin, gives too long expression, Needs better tail, very good muscles, moves with good attitude but could be more steady especially in front

27.02.2011 judge: Birgit

Excellent, CK, 3# Best Male- Masculine dog, nice head '+ expression, dark eyes, correct bite good fore-chest good body + tail-set sound movements 

20.11.2010 - Judge: Rodi Hübenthal

Puppy BOB and honor price - Well developed for age. Nice proportion. Under-jaw could be a bit stronger, otherwise nice head. Nice neck + top-line. Could be a little wider in front. Correct anglation, moves well, promising coat

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