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26.03.2011 - Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Excellent, BOB, CAC - Excellent type, very good balance, very attractive head, slightly small eyes, good pigment, good anguluation both ends, slightly long in loin, very good mover using legs to advantage, typical tempermetn


Excellent, BOS, CAC - Well Balanced, Very good head + expression. Good mouth + skull. Very Good pigment, good neck, good angl. in front + rear. Good body. Good coat. Moves well, well presented. Excellent.


Excellent, BOS, CAC - Good build-ed female. Very good shaped head. Correct pigment. Good Topline. Correct Coat. Good Moving. Excellent



Puppy class 4-6 month old - 6 months Good developed for her age. Could be a bit shorter in back. Little bit straight in rear. Good chest + rip cage. Good pigment, Good coat depending on age. Good head type. Eyes a little narrow set. Moves well, Promising.

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