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19.11.2011 - Judge: Stelios Makaritus

Excellent, BOB, CACIB - Nice type all over, exc head expression,Lovely eyes could be slightly more shapey, I prefer slightly more underjaw Nice ears, very good neck, shoulder, upper arm, Good topline, good croup, enough short loin, nice ribs + chest development. vg. feet + bone, very good quarters exc coat texture moves nicely with lots of poodle style.

27.08.2011 - Judge: Carlos Renau

Excellent, CC, CACIB, BOB - New Champion !!

26.03.2011 - Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Excellent - Ex type, elegant v good proportions long head that needs better jaw too deep set eyes, esp. good chisseling, very good front needs a better topline esp. moving a bit straight in behind vg coat. happy mover that needs to be smoother

27.02.2011 judge: Birgit Seloy

Excellent, CC, CACIB, BOS - Feminin bitch, nice head + expression dark eyes correct bite good for-chest + body + tail-set + angulation Very nice coat and quality sound movements very well presented

20.11.2010 - Judge: Rodi Hübenthal

Excellent, CC, BOS - Feminine, well built. Not quite finished yet. Under jaw could be a bit stronger. Otherwise nice head. Nice neck + top line. Chest can still develop. Well anglated, moves well, nice coat + color.

28.08.2010 - Judge: Juha Putkonen

Excellent - 1 year old. Correct siza and proportions. Good, long head. Well chiseled muzzle. Dark eyes. Correct bite. Good body shape. needs more substance and for-chest. Well anuglated. good feet. Good tail-set. Erratic front movements. moves narrow behind. sometimes pacing in movements. needs more time and ring training.

06.06.2010 - Judge: Thorbjörn Skaar

Excellent, BOB, CAC - Well balanced with a beautiful head, dark eyes, excellent body + bones for size and age. Very good ang. front and rear. Excellent coat + body. Moves well w. Happy temperament.
Excellent !

28.02.2010 - Judge: Zlatko Kraljic

Puppy class 6-9 months BIS 2 puppy

Female with good back. Strong long Good shaped head. Correct head. Short straight back.

Correct angl.  Good moving. Very promising


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